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Battleship Overnight Information

Here are the details you need to know about the December 7th overnight. Your ticket includes admission on both Saturday and Sunday, but since the museum does not open until Noon on Sunday, plan to arrive early enough on Saturday to check out the museum and ship before returning to your car to get your gear. We suggest you park at the West Plume Street parking garage at 135 W Plume St, Norfolk, VA 23510 (set your GPS to this address). You might want to carpool or coordinate leaving at the same time with your friends. We are not going to attempt to coordinate all 20+ families.

The ticket includes a hot breakfast, but it does not include dinner. There are many options for dinner nearby in between the museum closing (5pm) and the check-in for our overnight (6:30pm).

These are the original documents and I have pulled out some other information:

We need current Health Forms for all people coming, including adults. You can use this fillable PDF. Pre-filled Permission Slips for your scout are available inside the Calendar Item on Scoutbook, or get a blank one here. We’ll have paper copies as well. If you last filled out the forms for the spring campout they are still valid.

Battleship Overnight Q&A

What do I need to bring for my Interior Overnight?

Sleeping bag, Pillow, Toiletries, Any Meds if needed

Anything else you recommend me to bring?

A water bottle, it’s up to you.

What if my group arrives during the day, at different times, how do we get our tickets to see the museum?

If your group arrives as one or at different times during the day, you will go to the front desk inside Nauticus and check-in. Tickets will be issued according to the number of paid campers for your group, and the reservation will be under the Group Leaders name (Ryan Hill). (Self-guided tour of Nauticus & Ship)

Does Nauticus and or the Battleship have a place I can store my gear until the Overnight begins at 6:30pm?

NO, we do not have a secure place to store anyone gear during the day, campers must keep all gear and personal items with them until check-in at 6:30pm.

Are there showers on the ship?

No, we have normal “Public style” bathrooms on the ship. (Men’s/Women’s)

Am I allowed to Smoke?

NO, all events are Non-Smoking, the deck of our Ship is WOOD

May I bring Alcohol?


What is the youngest age allowed?

5 years is the youngest age for a camper

Will there be food served?

Yes, a Full Hot Breakfast in the morning. (please note breakfast is NOT an “All you can eat” setting, but there will be plenty for all) Please eat Dinner before you arrive for your Overnight! Food is not allowed to be brought onboard the ship.

Can we bring our own food?

NO!  Water only, no food will be allowed to be brought onboard the ship. We will have a “Snack Sale” in the Wardroom before the evening movie. No Food or Drinks of any kind (other than WATER) are allowed in the berthing area or when walking around the interior of the ship or outside on Deck! Again the deck is wood and can stain easily. Please keep in mind you are staying aboard a Historic Museum, not just any ship!

Does the Ship Interior have AC and or Heat?

Yes to both. But… Please understand it is a Battleship built back in WWII, the 1940’s, so we do have heat and AC in the Berthing areas but it will never be Cold in the Summer or Toasty in the Winter! It will not be like your heat or AC at home, but comfortable for a ship 75 years old.

Plan of the Day (POD)

6:30- Check-In

6:35 – Stow gear on ship (You are only dropping your gear on your racks at this time, NOT setting up your Beds. Please place your stuff on 1 bed only, per person.)

6:40 – Muster in the Wardroom for Orientation                           

6:50 – 9:00 Ship Tour & Activity Stations

9:00 Prep for Bed/Bathroom Break

9:10 Geedunk  open in Wardroom (Snacks & Water for sale)

9:30 Movie: “The Last Battleship”

10:30 “Lights Out”

10:30pm– “Lights Out” Ship Quiet! All sound on Phones turned OFF, Please be respectful of those campers already asleep.  No one is allowed to “roam the ship” after “Lights Out” !

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