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Pack Knife Policy

  1. The Scout (during Bear Year or above) should earn his Whittling Chip at a Council, Pack or Den level event. If the scout earns the chip on his own, the pack leaders will ask the scout to demonstrate proper knife use before allowing him to carry it at the Whittling Chip use approved pack/den events.
  2. The Whittling Chip only entitles the scout to carry and use the knife (with parental approval) at Pack “Whittling Chip use approved” events or activities ONLY during “knife use time periods.” We will notify the scout families if an activity is considered approved and if the scouts can bring their knives.  Scouts are NOT to bring, carry and/or use a knife anywhere else!
  3. A proper knife is one that is in good repair and condition, and has a folding blade no longer than 3 inches in length.
  4. ”Knife Use Time Periods” will be officially scheduled by the pack leadership during whittling chip use approved events. A separate scout leader monitored area will be set aside for these activities.  Boys can ONLY use their knives during those official knife use periods.  No exceptions!
  5. The Whittling Chip card must be carried when the scout is carrying his knife. No Whittling Chip card = no knife!
  6. A scout should only use his knife when in a safe, stable position and/or location.
  7. When a scout violates a rule of proper knife rule, 1 to 4 corners (depending on the infraction) will be “trimmed” (e.g. removed) from the scout’s card.
  8. When 4 corners are removed, the whittling chip is forfeited immediately and the knife is taken away and given to the scouts’ parent.
  9. Any adult (not just Pack Leaders) may inspect cards and/or “trim corners” from a boy’s Whittling Chip card. If a non-leader trims or confiscates a boy’s card, please let a pack leader know the circumstances so we may be aware of the situation.
  10. If a Whittling Chip card has been forfeited, the scout has one more chance to earn his ‘chip’ and use it properly during the scouting year. If a second chip card is forfeited, the scout is NOT allowed to earn another card again for that scouting year.

This policy will be officially adopted by the Pack Committee at a future Committee Meeting

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