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Pack 461 Pinewood Derby Rules

  • The Pinewood Derby is a fun event where a scout and one or more family members work together to build a race car.
  • The maximum weight for the car is 5.00 ounces as measured on a digital scale
    • You will be able to add or remove weight after you see what it weighs on our scale

  • Measurements:

    • These are important to make sure your car will fit on & move down the track:
      • Minimum clearance between bottom of the car and track = ⅜”. If you put weights under your car, recess them into a hole in the underside of the car’s body.
      • Maximum overall width including wheels and axles = 2¾”.
      • Minimum width between wheels = 1¾”.
      • Maximum height: 5” to fit under the electronic finish gate (not shown on diagram)
    • Also follow these guidelines:
      • Maximum car length = 7”. This measurement includes any additional decorations added to the car such as wings and spoilers.
      • Wheelbase (distance between front and rear axles) must not be more than 4½”.
  • All glue and paint must be dry at race time

If your car wins at the Den or Pack level, it will advance to the Potomac District Race. The District has 7 pages of rules. To compete for speed these rules must be followed. Check the page for the 2017 District Race for more details:

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