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Raingutter Regatta Overview & Rules

Raingutter Regatta is an annual event that requires cub scouts to build a sail boat utilizing the parts contained in the official BSA Raingutter Regatta trimaran kit. The boats are then raced down a length of water-filled rain gutters, powered by the boy blowing into the sail through a soda straw. Boys only race against other boys in their rank. Each boy will race in several heats and the fastest boat for each den will determine a winner.

1. Each boat should race 1 time in each lane.

2. The race begins once the official starter has placed the competing boats against the back wall of the gutter and commands the Scouts to “GO!”

3. On the starter’s command, the Scouts will blow through the straw into the sail of their boat in order to advance them through the water. The boat can only be propelled by blowing into the sail. Once the race has begun, the Scout CANNOT touch his boat.

4. If a boat capsizes or becomes stuck it will righted by a race official only.

5. If a boat is touched by any part of the Scout’s body or their straw, then the Scout’s boat will be returned to the starting position to continue racing.

6. The first boat to impact the end of the Raingutter with its bow (front) will be considered the winner of that heat. The finish line official will have the final and ONLY say in determining the winner of that heat.

7. A race winner is chosen for each den and for the pack.

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